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New Release - CI twin plate design for modern falcons

A twin plate for the XR6 Turbo has been released. The New Twin Plate is a strong, durable and tough clutch while still retaining the fine modulation and accurate pedal feel required by enthusiasts. Available under part number SP2-2293N Features include :

High Capacity Cover Assembly
Higher Torque capacity is achieved by the use of components designed to provide the strength, thermal properties and durability required to increase torque capacity and reduce slipping over a wider temperature range.

Spheroidal Graphite Pressure Plate Casting
Sometimes referred to as Anti Burst, ductile or nodular iron, this material provides approximately four times the burst strength of a standard cover assembly pressure plate. This increased strength not only extends the life of the casting but combined with its improved heat dissipation, allows the clutch to run cooler in extreme situations

Heavy Duty Clutch Plate
Heavy duty clutch plate centers combined with aramide friction material provide excellent driveability.

Performance Flywheel

Machined for the optimum combination of strength, balance and low moment of inertia, the flywheel is matched and balanced to the twin plate clutch system.
The combined effect of the High Capacity Cover Assembly with Spheroidal Graphite Casting, Heavy Duty Clutch Plate and Performance Flywheel provides an excellent performance clutch offering High torque capacity, strength and durability. Importantly the clutch system also retains the characteristics required for driver control and comfort.

Available now through CI Performance Distributors. Order no. PC8216CIImage


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