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Introducing - Stratagem ULTRA!

Combining the market leading calibrations from dreamscience and the state of the art tuning hardware from Drewtech USA we bring you the “Stratagem Ultra”. Featuring the famous Stratagem maps, datalogger and screen mount.

Available on the Focus ST 225 – other vehicles to follow.

Stratagem Ultra is the Ultimate tuning handset which comes pre-programmed with the 7 most popular tune files from the previous range of Dreamscience Stratagem devices, and the ability to flash back to stock. This new state of the art handset works on all vehicle calibrations, 7BUE, 7BUF and 7BUG so no matter how old or new you car is this device will work.

The tune files found on the STRATAGEM ULTRA suit standard, partially and fully modified cars, so this truly is a handset for every occasion. This new device is exclusive to Dreamscience and is available for local and world wide delivery.

You can now choose between our dsci Tuning Platform for tuning using your Laptop / Netbook or the new “Stratagem Ultra” for tuning using our dash mountable handset. Both products are supported by our online dscipowered store, where you can purchase extra tunes, keep right up-to-date – you can even purchase download licenses for your existing DashDaq to upgrade it to Stratagem Ultra.


  • Colour touch screen
  • Built in on device data logging
  • Simulated ¼ mile timing and acceleration.
  • On device vehicle Bhp and torque calculation while driving.
  • Transferable to your next vehicle so easy to sell on.
  • Remote updates readily available from the dscipowered store.
  • Full fault code reader and diagnostics, also clears codes.
  • Comes with dash mount as standard.
  • Upgrade to STRATAGEM ULTRA available to existing Dashdaq II customers.

All existing DashDaq owners who wish to convert their device to the new ST225 STRATAGEM ULTRA can do so here.


This Information is Taken from Dreamscience Website


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