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Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Ford Ute Series Air Bag Systems

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Engineered to Slide Air Bag Systems for BA BF FG Ute Series
ETS Brakets

Engineered To Slide Brackets

These brackets have been engineered by Nigle of ETS the master of metal fabrication. These brackets are designed to work with all Ford BA BF FG ute models. His work is of the best quality and BPRacing proud to be selling his products.


AirLift Controller Kit - Control The Pressure For Any Air Lift System From Your Dash!

Each kit is complete with a 12-volt compressor, gauge dash panel with inflate and deflate controls, all electrical connections, air lines, fittings, low pressure sensor (some models), and a detailed, illustrated installation manual. Load Controller II systems are economically priced for less demanding applications, such as the occasional and light duty haulers and towers. To assist in kit longevity, a Low Pressure Sensor is included in some Air Lift Load Controller II kits to assure that minimum unloaded pressure is maintained at all times, with or without a load.

Specific Use:

  • Designed for occasional and light-duty applications. Ideal for the homeowner and the outdoorsman, towing small trailers, and towing boats.
  • Offered in both single and dual gauge systems.

Slam Specialties RE-6 Air Bag

This is one of the most advanced bags we've ever seen. It comes with a crazy top plate design that helps prevent rubbing. Instead of the plates sitting on top of the bag, the bag wraps around the plate. On top of this the bags have a “Up Not Out” design. This means the bag doesn't expand sideways as it lifts your ride. Yet again a great innovation.

This bag is 6in wide, 200 PSI, and provides a great amount of lift.


Note:- This Airbag suspension kit will require additional Engineering tests to be road legal - This Kit is Designed for off road use only



EEC Analyzer