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Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Frequently Asked Questions

Providing Flash Tuning Product Sales and Service, Upgrades, Modifications and Enhancements for your Vehicle's Peak Performance.


What is a BPRacing Email Custom Tune ?

A BPRacing Email Custom Tune is a calibration file written specifically for your vehicle and the modifications you installed. BPRacing will customize the calibration file by hand crafting each parameter in the tune one by one. We also follow up our tune files with data logs to check out the Engine Calibration making sure that it's running at its absolute best.

After purchasing your BPRacing Custom Tune, you will be required to provide details about your car. i.e modifications, ECU codes etc. This is also where you can request the specifications of your tune such as, Rev &Speed Limiters, Injector scaling, and any other items to meet your requirements..

Your Custom Tune will be emailed to you along with detailed Instructions and all of the software needed to load the tune files onto your SCT Programmer or Sniper Interface.

Each custom tune order will includes a 1 month free support service and the review of any data logs and Tuning corrections that may be required.


Why a buy a BPRacing Email Custom Tune ?

An Email Custom Tune from BPRacing is one of the easiest and cost effective way one to enhance the performance of your vehicle. BPRacing can supply tuning files for the biggest selection of bolt-on's or even a stock vehicle you can't go wrong with a BPRacing Custom Tune.

Each tuning file is created exactly to your specifications; to Increase Power, Torque and give you that edge over your competitors at the drag strip or that fast launch off the line.

When your car consumes to much petrol, We have custom tunes to maximize your fuel economy too.

You Installed some wild modifications like, After Market Cams, Turbo, Supercharger, Long Tube Extractors, Bigger Injectors, Pretty much any bolt on you can think of we can create a custom tune for.


Why is a BPRacing Custom Dyno Tune better than Custom Email tune?

At Bullet Performance Racing we ONLY sell Products we have thoroughly tested to ensure that our customers recieve the maximum benifit from our products.

How Much will a Email and Dyno Custom Tune Cost?


Minimum Charge for a Email Tune is $195.

Standard - Cars (Factory Tune inc Tickford) $195

Performance 91 - Stock Car with Basic Bolton's RON91 Only $220

Performance 95 - Stock Car with Basic Bolton's RON95 Only $240

Performance 98 - Stock Car with Basic Bolton's RON98 Only $260

RACE98 - Stock Car with Basic Bolton's RON98+ Only $295

Light modified - Cars (Injectors, Cold Air Induction, Exhaust Mods) $350

Meduim modified - Cars (Injectors, CAI, Exhaust, Mild Cam Shafts, Throttle Body, Stall Convertor) $395

Heavy Modified - Cars (Supercharger, & Turbo charger Addons, Wild Cam Shafts, Trans Shift Scheduling) $450

ZF 6 Speed Trans only - (Stage1 or Stage2 Calibration) $495


Minimum Charge for a Custom Chassis Dyno Tune is $695 .

Lightly modified - Cars (Cold Air Induction, Exhaust Mods)$695

Meduim modified - Cars (CAI, Exhaust, Mild Cam Shafts, Throttle Body, Stall Convertor) $750-$850

Heavy Modified - Cars (Supercharger, & Turbo charger Addons, Wild Cam Shafts, Trans Shift Scheduling) $850-$1200


For Customers waiting multiple Tuning files please contact us for discount sales@bpracing.com.au


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