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Ford Flash 2 -All Ford AU Falcons, BA-BF Falcons, FPVs, Territories

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Programmable Engine Management For your Powertrain Control Module

The Ford Flash 2 tuning device is the most powerful flash device on the market. This FF2 tuner is a compact hand held flash tool that comes pre-programmed with up to 3 tunes (tunes vary by application). It features an easy to read screen for programming navigation and on screen datalogging. Data logging is also possible using pass through data logging to a computer through SCT's live link software. The FF2 tuner gives the user the ability to read/clear diagnostic trouble codes and offers end user adjustability of many parameters.


End User Adjustable Parameters
WOT Fuel Adjustment
Spark Adjustment
Read/Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
MAF Meter Selection
Tire Size Adjustment
Fuel Injector Size Adjustment
Idle RPM Adjustment
Cooling Fan Temp On/Off Adjusntment
Automatic Transmission Shift Control

B.P.Racing is using the Lastest Advantage III Software. Designed for workshops and tuning shops, it gives total flexibility to produce custom programs on a laptop / pc, then the ability to load program into flash tuner box to facilitate loading new programs into vehicles. This program is Windows Based, has a help screen giving the user information. Advantage software takes the guess work out of custom tuning.

Package Contents
Advantage III DVD
BA - BF Program CD
USB Dongle
Programming Cable
Ford Flasher User Manual (Tuning Variable Descriptions)
Ford Flash Tuning Additional Reference Manual (Processor Codes, Error Codes)

System Requirements
Windows 2000 or XP (Vista Currently NOT Supported)
DVD Drive
512MB Ram
4 GB Free Hard Drive Space
2 USB Ports
1 Serial Port (If programming Flash Tuner Boxes, Not Required for Xcal 2)
Pentium III Processor or Higher
An Internet Connection, Broadband Recommended (Very Important)


Custom Tuning also Avaliable: The Ford Flash 2 box will contain 3 custom tunes. For correct performance enhacement I will require your vehicle's PCM details to ensure that the flash tunes supplied are right for your car.

Custom tuning services for your Ford. All tuning is performed on a Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno and wide-band air-fuel ratio logging used. Highest level of customer satisfaction and service is supplied to all customers.