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WBo2 2J9 Wideband Unit + Display Low Cost of $385

WBo2 version 2J2, introduced in July 2010, is Tech Edge's economy, single-channel, entry level wideband controller. It is priced to compete with similar models from other vendors. 2J2 is based on our  2J1  first introduced in January 2007. In late 2010 we introduced the 2J9 controller which is the 2J2 with the correct flash (HXF) file, different controller-to-sensor cable, and internal jumper set to use the LSU-4.9 sensor. From here on, when we a describing common features of the 2J2 and 2J9 controllers, we will refer to the controller as the 2J2/9


Tech Edge 2J2/9 WBo2 Features

  • Reads from λ = 0.61 (AFR = 9.0) to free-air.
  • Within +/- 0.1 from AFR 11 to 17 (unleaded).
  • Differential WBlin wideband 0-5 Volt output.
  • Bosch LSU 4.0*/4.2 (2J2) or LSU 4.9 (2J9) compatible.
  • WBlin configurable (9.5 bit DAC) from AFR=9.0 to free-air.
  • Auto-cal button calibration with sensor in free-air.
  • NBsim narrowband (7.5 bit, re-programmable) output.
  • 2 analogue 0 to 5 Volt inputs sampled at up to 40/sec.
  • RPM input from Tacho or ECU for logging.
  • PULSE input from VSS sensor or cruise control for logging.
  • 10.5 to 19.5 Volt DC operation (up to 3 Amps).
  • Free logging software (optional upgrade available).
  • Fibreglass covered cable - ABS plastic case - repairable!
  • has RS232 output for no loss of wideband accuracy.


2J9 Inputs & Outputs

The Power Cable is our standard 2.0 m part with a 2 pin Molex connector to connect to the 2J unit. Note that the white striped black wire is the NEGATIVE (or GND) wire. The positive is also indicated with a piece of red heatshrink at the end of the cable.

We do NOT supply a cigarette lighter plug because we prefer you organise a proper connection, possibly with an in-line a 5 Amp fuse. The cable should be trimmed to a minimum length and connected to at least 10.5 Volts (below this the controller will turn OFF to protect the sensor and the vehicle's battery). The sensor should be powered up with the motor - preheating is not necessary. Be aware that a badly positioned sensor can be damaged during the vehicle warm-up stage when condensation can occur within the sensor body - this is not an issue if the sensor is properly positioned.

2J9 Connect
  • Status LED - Displays information about sensor function, and indicates errors and alarm conditions.
  • CAL Button - When held down, initiates the Auto-cal sequence (indicated by a series of sharp flashes on the status LED) .
  • Sensor Cable - this is a permanently connected flexible fibreglass sheathed cable brought out via a rubber grommet, with a connector for low cost Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor (UEGO sensor are not supported).
  • Power Cable - is normally wired to the vehicle's power via a high current (5 Amp) in-line fuse and then to a switched power point. Power is normally made available when the ignition is switched to ON. We discourage temporary installations using a cigarette lighter because the sensors should always be powered when exposed to exhaust gasses.
  • Display Cable - the display cable replicates the standard RJ45 socket found on other Tech Edge wideband units, and provides ground, RS232 communications, and current limited power for a Tech Edge display such as LD02 or LA1.


  • GROUND - Provides a ground return for Vbatt, and a ground reference for NBsim, WBlin-, etc. Also internally connected to the SHIELD wire.
  • USR 1 - A 0-5v Analog channel for logging sensors such as MAP & TPS.
  • RED
  • USR 2 - As per USR 2, values appear in the RS232 frame generated by the 2J9 unit.
  • LSS Tx - An optional Low Speed Serial output (1200 baud), for connection to a future intelligent display, not currently activated in firmware.
  • Vbatt - Provides battery voltage to remote 12 volt sensors or displays.
  • WBlin- - Ground reference for WBlin+, should be tied to GND or close to GND as it affects WBlin+ if left floating.
  • BLUE
  • WBlin+ - 10bit PWM-sourced Differential Wideband output.
  • NBsim - 10bit PWM-sourced programmable output, used for Narrowband sensor simulation.
  • PINK
  • RPM - 12 volt compatible (COIL style) RPM pickup for logging engine revolutions.
  • PULSE - 5 volt PULSE input for logging an additional pulse input, intended for Vehicle Speed Sensors.
The LD02 is Tech Edge's new standard wideband AFR/Lambda display unit. The LD02, with digital accuracy (via RS232 connection), replaces the LD01's simpler analogue connection (bypassing the digital - analogue - digital conversion stages). LD02 is field re-programmable and has the potential to be used as a general purpose display for other projects. LD02 is also available as a DIY kit.

The LD02 sitting on a2B0 wideband unit it features :

  • Small size 84 wide x 54 high x 32 mm deep
  • 4 digit SuperBright RED GaAlAs LED, 14 mm high.
  • 20 segment bargraph with programmable range.
  • 2 press-buttons to change displayed information.
  • Display auto-dims at night
  • interprets the WBo2 RS232 data stream.
  • Field re-programmable and configurable.


Note: This information has been taken for the TechEdge Website.





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