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Welcome to Bullet Performance Racing - Performance Flash Tuning&Development

Providing Flash Tuning Product Sales and Service, Upgrades, Modifications and Enhancements for your Vehicle's Peak Performance.


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New Comming Soon OpenECU & Tactrix Tuning for Subaru & Mitsubishi Vehicles.

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New Project RACEGT - R Spec BF GT Falcon (GT500 Race Car Build Up) "Click here"


Here at Bullet Performance Racing, we are dedicated to the newest technology and latest performance products to enhance your vehicle's output and performance, whether on the street, strip or track. We specialise in later model Fords and can provide a large range of custom tunes to suit many late model vehicles.

Established and based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, Bullet Performance Racing has extensive experience custom building and enhancing vehicles to achieve optimum output to perform at their peak. Specialising in Flash Tuning for late model cars, we also supply the latest Intake Systems and Performance Mods for your vehicle. We are a proud supporter of Dreamscience UK and the Official Dreamscience Australian Distributor. Bullet Performance Racing can also help you unlock and tune your CAPA Flash Tuners.

As car enthuiasts ourselves we know what it's like to want more power and guts from you vehicle without going for a complete rebuild. Flash Tuning your car's computer is the best way to tweak your engines capabilities for your own personal needs. You can provide a cost effective boost to your power and receive the output you want -straight from the factory! We have helped many drivers get the maximum results from their vehicle and even our own team drivers on the race track.

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