Mail Order Disclaimer

Document Prepared by (Bullet Performance Racing)

Mail Order Disclaimer

Mail order tunes are based on thousands of hours of tuning experience, and the calibration of similar setups. You should always get your WOT air/fuel ratio verified with a wide band meter, or have it checked on a chassis dyno. It is the customer’s responsibility to verify their own air/fuel ratio on their vehicle, or we can check it using our Dyno Dynamics dyno (charges will apply). Mail order tunes are great for stock or slightly modified vehicles, but on heavily modified vehicles they should only be used a base tune or a ‘break in’ tune. It is always our recommendation to have your car custom tuned on our dyno.

It is assumed by BPR that all vehicles being programmed are in good working condition and have been reviewed by the customer to ensure that the car is capable of handling additional power and performance.  It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure this is true.  Any unforeseen damage that may happen to the vehicle will not be covered or guaranteed by BPR in any way. If anything doesn’t feel normal after loading a tune, it is the customer’s responsibility to immediately return the tune to stock and notify BPR immediately.

Mail Order Tuning FAQs

What is the difference between your mail order tune, and a street or custom dyno tune at the shop?
The difference is that we do not get as aggressive as we could, since we are not data logging. Also, we cannot tell you if you have other issues with the car prior to tuning. For instance, if you have a MAF that is completely covered with sludge, this will cause a lean condition, and I will not know because I am working off of what should be a properly working vehicle. Or faulty O2 sensors, etc.

A data logged tune on the dyno would let me see any anomalies, and a proper repair can be made. It is not common for this to happen on cars that come to us here, but it does occasionally happen. So, if you have a stock car that is not running correctly, chances are that the tune will not correct your problem.