Dyno Testing

$1,195.00 inc GST

Mainline Dyno Testing



At BPR we do full dyno testing on our new Mainline Dyno.

Benefits of DYNO Testing
Accurate Performance Measurement: DYNO testing provides accurate and reliable measurements of a vehicle’s horsepower/kw, torque, and other performance metrics. This allows car enthusiasts to have a clear understanding of their vehicle’s capabilities.

  • Diagnostic Tool: DYNO testing can also be used as a diagnostic tool to identify any issues or problems with the engine or drivetrain. By analysing the performance data, we can pinpoint potential issues and make necessary adjustments or repairs.
  • Tuning Optimization: DYNO testing is essential for optimising engine tuning. By analysing the performance data, mechanics can fine-tune various components, such as the fuel injection system or ignition timing. This can maximise the vehicle’s power and efficiency.

Overall, Dyno testing is a valuable tool for car enthusiasts and mechanics alike, providing accurate performance measurements, diagnostic capabilities, and the ability to optimise engine tuning for better overall performance.


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