Dreamscience Induction Kit – Ford Focus ST225 XR5

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Dreamscience Induction Kit – Ford Focus ST225 XR5

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The Dreamscience DSCI ST225 CAIS (Cold Air Induction System) is revolutionary piece of kit, designed to maximize the performance of ST225 2.5L engines. It is manufactured from top quality, aviation grade aluminium, with a black powder coat. It only features one internal weld, and a specialist mandrel bending machine is used to form the turns and bends in the pipes. This kit also has rolled ends, which offer better grip to the joining silicon hoses. It boasts a Venturi system, which helps to accelerate the air to the turbo inlet, whilst providing a unique turbo note.

The DSCI induction kit ticks all of the boxes for a quality induction kit, with a uniform pipe size throughout. Firstly, there are no 90-degree bends, and no expansion chamber, which can cause part throttle flat spots and hesitation. Secondly, no part of the kit is between the radiator and block, so heat soak is not an issue. Thirdly, physics engineers designed the kit, underpinning its superiority. Additionally, it is the most efficient system for supply unrestricted cold air to the turbo, with the shortest and most direct route.

As per the illustrations below, Ford itself has followed the same design, with the RS MK2 induction. This reinforces that this is truly the most efficient way of supplying direct, cool air to the turbo.

Furthermore, the lower pipe has a Pipercross cone filter, rated up to 430Bhp. This cone gets a direct cold air feed from the lower right grill, and is still more than high enough to avoid any water contamination.

Finally, this kit is suitable for standard, partially and fully modified cars. In all cases, it will make a noticeable difference to the overall performance and sound of the engine.

Similar in design and function to the RS mk2 Induction!



The DSCI ST225 Induction Kit is very similar in design and functionality to the official Focus RS mk2 Induction, as designed by Team RS.

The kit includes:
1 x Venturi Turbo – MAF Pipe
1 x MAF – Air Filter Pipe
4 x Jubilee Clips
1 x Pipercross Air Filter (including stickers)
1 x Blanking Plug
2 x Samco Hoses – White, Red, Black, Blue or Orange
1 x Fixing Kit
1 x DSCI Sticker – Red, Orange, Blue or Silver

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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 50 × 30 × 25 cm


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