Genuine Hi-Tech Oils HT516 Z516 Ford Mazda Oil Filter FPV Falcon BA-BF-FG V8

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1x Brand New – HiTec Oils

HT516 Oil Filter (Z516)

Oil Filter
Ford (Z516) M22 x 1.5

Vehicle Application (Z516):

Cougar, SW ,SX 2.5L V6 (LCBC) 09/99-01/03
Courier (Petrol), PH & 4WD 4.0L V6 (13V) 02/05-06/05
Courier (Petrol), PH 4WD Series 2 4.0L V6 (13V) 07/05-06
Courier (Turbo Diesel), PH 2.5L L4 (WL) 07/04-12/06
Explorer, UT 4.0L V6 (XZA) 11/02-03
Explorer, UT 4.6L V8 (2ZA) 11/02-03
Explorer, UX 4.0L V6 (XZA) 03/03-11/03
Explorer, UX 4.6L V8 (2ZA) 03/03-11/03
Explorer, UZ 4.0L V6 (XZA) 03/03-01/08
Explorer, UZ 4.6L V8 (2ZA) 03/03-01-08
F250, RM 5.4L V8 (Triton) 07/01-03
F250, RN 5.4L V8 (Triton) 11/03-07
F350, RM 5.4L V8 (Triton) 07/01-03
Fairlane, BA Series 1-2 5.4L V8 (Barra 220) 07/03-09/05
Fairlane, BF 4.0L L6 (Barra 190) 10/05-07
Fairlane, BF, BF G8 5.4L V8 (Barra 230) 10/05-07
Falcon, BA 5.4L V8 (Barra 220) 09/02-09/05
Falcon, BF 5.4L V8 (Barra 220) 10/05-04/08
Falcon, BF Series 1-2 4.0L L6 (Barra 190) 10/05-04/08
Falcon, FG 4.0L L6 (Barra 195) 05/08-On
Falcon, FG 5.4L V8 (Barra 290) 05/08-On
FPV (All Models), BA-FG 4.0L L6 & 5.4L V8 03/03-On
LTD, BA-BF 5.4L V8 06/03-07
Mustang Cobra, 4.6L V8 02/01-03/03
Territory, SY 2WD & 4WD 4.0L V6 10/05-On
B4000 Bravo, 4.0L V6 (14V) 09/05-06
B4000, 4.0L V6 (14V) 10/05-11/06
MPV, LW10G 2.5L V6 (GY-DE) 08/99-02
MPV, LW10J2 & LW10J3 3.0L V6 (MZ/AJ) 06/02-06
Tribute, YU08 3.0L V6 (AJ) 02/01-04

HT516 Hi-Tec Oil Filter Specification

Anti Drain Back Valve: Yes
Bypass Valve: Yes
Filter Material: High Flow Premium Media
Gasket Material: Nitrile Rubber
Height: 4 in (102 mm)
Outside Diameter: 3.656 in (93 mm)
PSI Relief Valve: 11-17
Removal Nut Size: 15/16″
Thread Specification: M22x1.5

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm

With – Re-circulating Valve, Without – Re-circulating Valve


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