Genuine SST 27SF512 Blank 28 pin Eprom chip

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Genuine SST 27SF512 Blank 28 pin Eprom chip

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This GENUINE SST-27SF512 Chip is the perfect chip for your Honda OBD1 ECU’s (& others). (YES THESE BURN WITH A BURN2 or Other programmers)

Do not fall for the fake SST 27SF512 you can get elsewhere they are usually only “Write once” and have other issues. There are so many fakes because Genuine SST Chips are not made anymore by the manufacturer and there is a limited existing supply. We have some of that GENUINE SST Supply left in stock and can prove they are indeed genuine and will have no issues writing over and over for years to come.

These blank chips will allow you to program your tune over and over to the same chip as needed. This chip is large enough to load two 256k rom programs onto each chip. Requires a chip programmer capable of programming 28 pin EEprom chips. Fits all standard 28 pin DIP sockets or 28 pin ZIF sockets. For customers without a chip programmer, please take a look at our custom basemap programs for a quick pre-programmed chip solution.

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