Phormula – KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection Tool

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Designed to be the ultimate audio knock listening system.
The KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection tool provides excellent audio clarity for professional tuners.
* Includes sensor and 3 metre sensor cable.

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Phormula KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection

The Knock Analyser Pro (KS-Pro) is a high quality audio knock detection tool. It allows the user to listen for knock, whilst tuning an engine. The KS-Pro has been developed with the assistance of the UK’s premier tuning companies. As such, it contains many features lacking from alternatives on the market.

The KS-Pro provides clear and effective aftermarket knock detection. Conveniently, it can be used with our Phormula Headset, or with your own headphones or earpiece. This aftermarket knock sensor kit has a standard 2.5mm audio socket, which is compatible with the majority of audio headphones.

It is vital when tuning to use a high quality audio knock detection device. The Phormula KS-Pro is a premium knock listening device, trusted by professional tuners around the world.

Audio Knock Detection as a market leader

Tuning with engine knock headphones, and listening with your ears, are the most popular methods for knock detection whilst mapping an engine. We also provide digital knock detection equipment. Our digital tools can be stand alone knock detection or connect to the KS-Pro. This provides a highly comprehensive list of features, when used with KS-Pro and audio knock detection headphones.

The Phormula KS-Pro Audio Knock Detection tool is also known as Det Cans/Detcans in the tuning industry. It is our premium aftermarket audio knock detection kit.

Many tuners start with a simple set of DIY Det Cans – and for many years, Det Cans were the only way to listen for knock. Our KS-Pro unit aims to give the best audio clarity. Combine this with accurate volume control, portability and our comfortable motorsport headphones, and you’ll never look back!

  • Ruggedised Case for protection in a workshop environment.
  • High Quality Shielded Sensor Cable and Bosch Wideband Knock Sensor providing excellent sound quality.
  • High Visibility Case makes it easy to find in a busy workshop environment.
Phormula KS-Pro Knock Detection

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