Phormula – Professional Tuning Solution – Knock Detection System

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The Phormula Professional Tuning Solution is our most comprehensive engine knock detection system. It combines the Audio knock detection capabilities of the KS-Pro and the Digital knock monitoring functions of the KS-4 in one complete kit. These two systems can be linked together via the included interface cable.

* Complete kit – Includes KS-Pro, KS-4, Interface Kit, sensors and cables.

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Our most powerful knock detection system

The visual display on the KS-4 Knock Monitor will display knock levels whilst the audio from the KS-Pro allows you to clearly hear knock.

Professional tuners often link the KS-4 0-5v output to their rolling road, ECU or laptop. This allows them to overlay the level of knock alongside RPM and Boost or Ignition Advance. This gives an accurate indication of exactly when and where knock occurred.

The KS-4 can remain in a project vehicle to monitor detonation or knock levels. Anytime the map needs to be adjusted the KS-Pro Knock Analyser Pro can be plugged directly into the KS-4 to monitor knock whilst the engine map is altered. This solution means that there is no need to remount the sensor each time or route cables into the engine bay. Simply plug the Knock Analyser Pro into the KS-4 and switch on.

This combination of products gives ultimate flexibility. The KS-Pro and KS-4 can be used independently for standalone knock detection or combined to give maximum functionality through a single sensor.

A twin sensor cable is also available for engines with more than two banks of cylinders or more than four cylinders


The Pro Tuning Solution Includes:

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